Welcome to Panther Technologies

Over 20 Years of Experience

Striving never ends; innovation never stops. In this highly competitive marketplace of information technology one thing is constant and that is none other than change. Every hour some new technology is born somewhere in the world and the global village is somehow hit by its hidden waves. Unless alert and updated no organization is supposed sustain the competition to ensure customer satisfaction.

To cope up with this rapidly changing environment the industry leaders are always in quest of innovation in customer service to have winning edge over the customers at large. We at PTPL are no exception. We have emphasized on our expertise as far as customer service is concerned and picked up choicest technologies from the vast expanse of the industry to the benefit of the customers. The host of solutions catered by us includes Thin Client and Networking solutions along with their annual maintenance contracts.

Innovative solution, world-class service oriented with customer satisfaction being our business philosophy we aim at maximizing the gain of the beneficiaries through precision in understanding the need of the customer and promptness and efficacy in delivery matrix. Apart from catering the above technologies to the customer we offer sales and service of desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, UPS and other accessories. We always maintain a close connectivity with our clients giving them regular updates on emerging technologies to keep their network smooth and trouble-free. Our in-depth understanding of network security and data integrity is dedicated to the safety and security of the customer IT infrastructure. In accordance with our policy we have highly skilled professionals on our payroll to extend our service and support to the IT and IT-enabled industries.

We also undertake third party maintenance contract with the corporate clients as another avenue of revenue to our organization.