The remote computing system run on Citrix’s Xen Desktop software provides desktop computers as are virtualized and stored on centrally managed servers. Users connect to a virtual desktop system via a connection broker, which distributes user connections to the appropriate centrally managed virtual machine. All settings, programs and data are stored within each machine to enable users get the same consistent working environment on virtual desktops regardless of where they are connecting from or what client device they are using.

Remote desktops can be run on a number of different computing platforms, including thin clients, Apple iPads /iPhones, smart phones, and desktop systems (Windows and Macintosh) having compatible web browser. The compatible web browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and others. The majority of the devices capable of connecting the Internet can facilitate a remote computing system.

We undertake assignments for setting up remote computing system from our customers and deliver the good with professional precision and diligence.